Simple Skin Routines in Under 5 Minutes

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Simple Skin Routines in Under 5 Minutes

My day is filled with a million little routines starting from the second I wake up: hit the snooze, let the dog out, make a cup of coffee, read the news while drinking said coffee.

While some routines are undoubtedly better for me than others, I do try to keep a good skin treatment routine. Seriously. A short treatment twice a day sets me up for a lifetime of good skin.

Morning Routine
In the morning, it’s all about simplicity.

As women, we have dozens of things on our minds as we rise for the day. Preparing for the meeting at work, getting the kids to school, planning the presentation for the company. And then there’s dinner! Who has time for complicated as your day is finally starting to wind down?

Because you are a little more strapped for time, a streamlined approach to skin care is best. Having a simple daily routine eliminates complications and can leave you plenty of time for other things that pop up unexpectedly.

Quick Cleanse
As you sleep, your face accumulates oil and dirt as it settles on the surface of your skin. A proper skin treatment will remove oil and dirt before you apply makeup and head out into the world.

You don’t need special formulas for day and night. A high-quality facial cleanser will not only remove the oil and dirt that accumulates between cleansings, but will also add vitamins and nutrients to your skin and help prepare it for the day ahead.

Our Exfoliating AHA Cleansing Lotion is a little bit different than other types of cleansers you may have experienced before. Because it’s a soap-free lotion, it doesn't get sudsy like some face cleansers. That’s a good thing; soap and suds can dry out your skin. And because it has a gentle exfoliating formula, you’ll remove all the dead surface cells that may clog your pores and attract aging properties to your skin.

Tone and Firm
Before you apply makeup, it’s important to first apply a base that protects. A good base will help control oil, provide nutrients that keep your skin supple throughout the day and prime your skin for whatever makeup you apply.

A toner’s job is to reduce excess oils without drying, which is why it’s important to apply a toner that uses an alcohol-free formula. Our Anti-aging Toning Formula is gentle on sensitive skin, and moisturizes by utilizing some of nature’s best ingredients, like cucumber extract and Vitamin E.

Eye Treatment
You know those dark circles that form under your eyes due to lack of sleep? Or the puffy eyes and crow’s feet that are a sure sign of aging? They are like the bane of my existence. Using an eye treatment in the morning with help wake up those tired eyes. Our Daily Repair Eye Treatment uses peptides from soy and rice plants, as well as extracts from the stevia plant and Vitamin E that will brighten their appearance with a more natural look. By reducing dark circles and the puffiness that is often associated with tired eyes, you’ll set the stage for a more youthful appearance all day long.

Nothing is more important to your morning skin routine than using a moisturizer that both protects and strengthens your skin’s barrier. A good moisturizer is what helps build up healthy skin and prevents the aging process from developing as quickly as it would without protection.

Our Intense Moisture Anti-Aging Cream is filled with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that help heal and regenerate skin cells. It includes things like Vitamin E, to neutralize free radicals, Vitamin B5, to help reverse approaching signs of age, Vitamin A, to help treat wrinkles and Oat Kernel, to attract moisture and conditions the skin.

By incorporating these three simple products into your morning routine, you’ll find it to be a perfect way to start your day and put your best face forward.

Evening Routine
Once you’ve got the routine down, it takes minutes to ensure that your skin will continue looking its best decades into the future.

Quick Cleanse
Your nightly routine should start out in the same manner as your morning routine. Using a high-quality cleanser will remove makeup, oil and dirt that have accumulated throughout the day.

Tone and Firm
While using a toner in the morning primes your skin for the day ahead, using a toner at night prepares your skin to accept nutrients while you sleep. It ensures your skin will receive all of the high-quality ingredients you’ll apply as part of your evening routine.

Reapplying moisturizer in the evening will continue building strength in your skin’s barrier, and provide a natural defense in the anti-aging process. This sets the stage for your skin to absorb as many nutrients as possible while you sleep.

Boost Skin’s Collagen
Collagen is the fundamental element to skin’s structure and elasticity. As you age, production of collagen naturally slows and wrinkles begin to appear. Sagging skin is a sure sign of damaged skin. In order to reduce the signs of aging and to prompt the formation of new collagen, it’s important to use an Anti-Aging Collagen Boosting Serum that revitalizes your skin. Ours is a special formula with ingredients that provide an increase in collagen and hyaluronic acid production, helping to plump skin from within. Add one pump just after toning and before cleansing to ensure your skin is naturally hydrated with some of the best ingredients the industry has to offer.

Take a good look at your skin treatment regimen. A few easy adjustments can boost the nutrients you supply your skin. Skin care shouldn’t take forever to last forever.


Written By: Kristen Creed

Edited By: Kristen Creed