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Mother's Day Recap

Mother's Day Recap

Whether it’s a mother, grandmother, or some other special person, we wouldn’t be who we are today without the incredible individuals who have helped us grow. (Our skin wouldn’t be as soft either.) We asked our customers to share the most important skincare tip that’s been shared with them throughout their lives, and they were so good we wanted to share a few!

Thank you to everyone who shared their story with us, and we hope you find a new tip that you can share with others as well!

Moisturizing Is A Must

My Grandmother was a great example of a woman who kept her skin moisturized and she inspired me to do the same.
- Bernadette

Moisturize! Always rub under your eyes toward your nose in a circle with the tip of your ring finger.
- Tracy

Apply moisturizer to damp skin rather than dry it will absorb better.
- Ann

Consistency is key

My mother used EB5 products for years and when she passed away at 96 her skin was still beautiful.
- Mercina

I have been using eb5 for men for at least 20 years. It has been great and kept my skin looking young.
- Robert

My mom has been using EB5 for close to 50 years!! She is 91 and NO ONE comes close to guessing her age!
- Sandi

No Mom told me to use the eb5 cream. She has been using it for -- well I'm not sure how long. She is 94. She gets compliments on her face all the time!!!
- Jan

My mom has used eb5 for as long as I can remember. She is 86 years young and people always comment on her beauty. Many think she is my sister, she looks so young and wrinkle free. She was the one who told me about eb5 and that you should make sure to apply to your neck area. Mom is such a special lady, loving, fun and generous.
- Melanie

Hello, my mother used eb5 until the day she passed last year. Her skin was always beautiful and soft. My daughters and I also use eb5 hoping to be as beautiful as my mother was inside and out. Thank you for this great product.
- Linda

Remove Your Makeup (All of it!)

My grandmother always took pride in her appearance. When I was 15 years old she showed me how to apply makeup. She taught me to use my middle finger to apply moisturizer and foundation. By doing so less pressure is applied to your face.
- Linda

Allow your moisturizer to soak into your skin for a few minutes before applying makeup. It feels really nice.
- Sonja

Always remove eye makeup and mascara from eyes at bedtime.Never sleep in the eye makeup. Then put a small amount of castor oil on a q tip and dot on lashes and brow.
- Diane


Wash your face gently every night and moisturize and use SPF
- Pamela 

In addition to SPF lotion, always wear a wide-brimmed hat!
- Brenda 

Always use eye cream and wear spf
- Hortense 

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