Meet eb5: Jules

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Meet eb5: Jules

Today its time to meet me, Jules! I am the one who writes the eb5 blog.

Meet eb5: Jules

Well its finally my turn to answer the questions I asked of my Teammates.

Question: What is your role here at eb5?

Jules: My official title is "Blogger Outreach and Marketing Content Specialist." That basically means is that I am in charge of most everything Social Media for eb5. I reach out to bloggers and invite them to review our products, I create almost all the content you see on our Instagram feed, and I write most of the posts in our blog. Any events that eb5 attends (like the Women's Expo, VegFest, Girl's Inc's Power of the Purse, etc.) would be my arena, too, so I would be the one in charge of all those details. I like my job a lot.

Question: Which is your favorite EB5 product and why?

Jules: I have seriously become addicted to eb5 products since I started using them. My skin has never looked better! Lately, though, my favorite product is the eb5 Men's Facial Cream. It has a thinner consistency than our signature Facial Treatment, and because it contains lactic acid, its a good, but gentle, exfoliant. I have started using it on my body after I get out of the shower, and I love it!

Question: What makes you happiest in life?

Jules: I love my family and talk to my sister and nieces several times a day, but what makes me feel true happiness and straight up JOY is my little dog, Oscar. He is just a bundle of love and fun, and he makes me laugh all the time. I'm so lucky because he gets to come to eb5 with me every day, and everyone in the office loves him. We've even started incorporating him into our Instagram feed which I think is really fun!

Question: What advice would you give if you could talk to yourself 20 years ago?

Jules: Oh wow, I wrote these questions, but I forgot that I would eventually have to answer them, too! That is such a tough one. I think something I always regretted was not living in a big cool city like New York or San Francisco when I was in my 20's, so I think I would tell myself to do that for at least a few years. Oh, and to invest in Google. 

Question: When eb5 was at Sundance, we asked the celebrities to give us their beauty secrets by filling in these blanks: _______ lots of ______. How would you fill in the blanks?

Jules: My beauty secret is spend lots of time in the sauna. I don't know if it burns calories, but I think its good for your skin to sweat at least once a day!

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Written By: Kristen Creed

Edited By: Kristen Creed