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The eb5 Anti-aging Keratin Hair Conditioner is a powerhouse formulation for anyone seeking stronger, smoother, and healthier hair. Infused with hydrolyzed keratin, it aids in replenishing the hair's natural protein, restoring damage caused by heat styling, coloring, and environmental stressors. The presence of organic Aloe Vera not only hydrates the scalp but also brings forth its natural healing properties, promoting overall scalp health. With ingredients like cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol derived from coconut oil, the conditioner ensures softness and manageability without weighing the hair down. The vegetable glycerin adds an extra layer of moisture, ensuring that your hair remains frizz-free and lustrous. Moreover, the conditioner being fragrance-free ensures that even those with sensitive scalps can benefit without the risk of irritation.

    Purified Water (AQUA), Cetyl Alcohol (derived from coconut oil - CETYL ALCOHOL), Stearyl Alcohol (also derived from coconut oil - STEARYL ALCOHOL), Certified Organic Aloe Vera (ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF), Vegetable Glycerin (GLYCERIN), Hydrolyzed Keratin, Cetrimonium Chloride (CENTRIMONIUM CHLORIDE), and Potassium Sorbate as a freshness assurer (POTASSIUM SORBATE).

    The conditioner is also fragrance-free.

    eb5 Anti-aging Keratin Shampoo:

    Do not forget to use the eb5 Hair Thickening Shampoo before the Conditioner for best results. 

    Why is an anti-aging conditioner important?

    While your hair may feel smooth now, using an anti-aging conditioner is about maintaining its texture, shine, and overall health over time. The eb5 Anti-aging Conditioner provides nourishment and protection, helping prevent damage and ensuring your hair remains vibrant and youthful.

    How does Aloe Vera in the conditioner benefit my hair?

    The Certified Organic Aloe Vera in our conditioner offers deep hydration and soothes the scalp. Renowned for its moisturizing properties, it ensures your hair stays soft, shiny, and manageable after each wash.

    What role does Keratin play in the eb5 Anti-aging Conditioner?

    Keratin, a vital protein in our hair, is key to maintaining its strength and elasticity. Our conditioner is enhanced with Keratin to ensure hair strands are fortified, reducing breakage and maintaining the natural vibrancy and health of your hair.

    For best results, should I pair the conditioner with any specific shampoo?

    Yes, for optimal results, we recommend using the eb5 Anti-aging Conditioner in conjunction with the eb5 Anti-aging Shampoo. When used together, they provide a harmonious balance of cleansing and conditioning, ensuring your hair gets the full benefits of our carefully formulated ingredients.

    How often should I use the eb5 Anti-aging Conditioner?

    For best results, apply the eb5 Anti-aging Conditioner after every wash with the eb5 Anti-aging Shampoo. This routine will ensure your hair remains hydrated, protected, and radiant.

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    New shampoo from eb5 and its great. I have been using eb5 creams for the last 30 years and love everything they sell.

    - Barbara 5/5

    Wow! This Shampoo is amazing. Never seen a clear shampoo like this one and makes my hair feel great.


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    How to Use

    1. After shampooing with the eb5 Keratin Hair Shampoo, squeeze out excess water from your hair.
    2. Apply a generous amount of eb5 Keratin Hair Conditioner, focusing on mid-lengths to ends.
    3. Leave on for 2-3 minutes to allow the active ingredients to penetrate and nourish the hair shaft.
    4. Rinse thoroughly with cold or lukewarm water.


    Purified Water, Cetyl Alcohol*, Stearyl Alcohol*, Aloe Vera (Certified Organic), Vegetable Glycerin, Keratin, Cetrimonium Chloride, Potassium Sorbate

    *Derived from Coconut Oil

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    Miracle! I’ve been using EB5 for 45 years . I started with the original and switched to this one . It’s the best moisturizer that I have ever used . I use it under my make up and at night . I swear by it and I will be 70 November 3rd
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    Life Changing.The eb5 Exfoliating Cleansing Lotion has been the game changer for cleaning my face! I have used many cleansers and have not been satisfied. Yet when I tried this cleanser I honestly immediately could tell the difference! It leaves my skin soft and moisturized after I wash my face! I love this cleanser and I am so glad to add this to my facial cleansing routine!
    Mirta G.
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    Still loving It.I’ve been using this cream for over 25 years and still loving it. Won’t change it for the world. Please never stop making it.

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