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About Healthy Skin Care with eb5's Innovative Cream Base


The little company with the unusual name. Healthy skin care should be easy. That’s why, for six decades, eb5 has sold a simple, effective, and healthy skin care line that works. Our line is named for the two vitamins best for your skin: Vitamin E and pro-Vitamin B5. Our anti-aging skincare formulations are rooted in science and use only the healthiest and most effective pharmaceutical ingredients to nourish skin.  We promise to provide only highly efficacious formulas based in science and treatments rich in high concentrations of pure, healthy, clinically proven and natural plant based ingredients. 

Our History

eb5’s cream base was actually created by Pharmacist Heldfond in the fifties as an odorless, greaseless cream he could use to deliver medications to burn patients. Pharmacist Heldfond was working with local Portland hospitals to create treatments, but it was the nurses who were the most excited about his creams. The nurses saw such a difference in their skin when they applied his medicinal creams to patients that they asked for a non-medicinal cream they could use every day to nourish their skin and treat and help prevent wrinkles. This was the inspiration for our cream today: Pharmacist Heldfond took his cream base, added the two best ingredients for healthy skin care, Vitamin E and Vitamin B5, and called it his “formula e-b5” cream.

Over time additional products were added to the line, most of which were developed directly with Pharmacist Heldfond. Every product was added because it was gentle, effective, and non-irritating. Every healthy skin care product has Vitamins, botanicals, anti-oxidants and soothing formulas to ensure that you will have the same results that those nurses had decades ago: Healthy skin that you love.

It’s hard to know what products will work for your skin, and whether they are worth the money, but with eb5’s three step skincare regimen and our money back guarantee you never have to wonder if you made the right choice.

Today eb5 is still a family owned and now certified woman owned business based in Portland, Oregon. We apply our heritage values to create simple, highly effective skin care treatments using only the purest and highest quality ingredients needed to treat and prevent signs of aging skin. 

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