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eb5 Reviews

It works and feels great 

I love how rich and moisturizing this feels. It took about two weeks until I noticed the fine lines reduced, which is amazing, but my undereye circles were definitely lighter right away. I found, because of the texture, that if I warmed it up a bit before my fingers it was nicer to apply and absorbed more quickly. great eye cream!



I am addicted to this serum 

I got this product as a gift from my sister.... and I am IN LOVE. For the price, for the product, for how it makes me feel and for how my face looks! I never really bothered with serums before, because I didn't want to spend the extra money and didn't see the value. Never again! This serum has noticeably brightened and evened my skin tone and I love how it feels going on.

j. M


Smooth move... 

I absolutely love this product! Never have I used a product such as this one and get such wonderful results. This cream does all that it says and more. Fine lines are fading. My skin looks and more importantly feels so silky smooth. Every time my boyfriend touches my face he talks about how smooth and soft my skin is and that I need to continue doing or using whatever it is I'm doing. I understand that not everyone will experience the same results as I have but I recommend this to all women that want their face to look and feel younger, healthier, and natural. I go without makeup more now than I ever have just because how great my skin looks now...

j. Dixson



Dear eb5,

I am a Peace Core volunteer in Africa.  I have recently received your facial cream and toner.  Due to the harsh conditions here, my skin has aged many years in a short time.  After receiving your products and using them for one month, I can already see the difference.  It’s a blessing for skin on the equator.


Tracy E.


Dear eb5,

I am an African American female who has battled for many years with acne spots and hyperpigmentation on my face.  I have spent hundreds of dollars on creams and gels that only made my problem worse.  I’ve been using eb5 cream for 5 weeks.  My skin is much clearer and getting better every day!  I LOVE IT!  Thank you for making such a wonderful product!  My self-esteem is really great and I no longer have to hide behind pasty make-up, I am a lifelongcustomer!

Caroline S.


I could see a difference immediately.  I wasn’t ready for that, but very happy about it.  My make-up goes on more smoothly , and doesn’t cake.  The laugh lines around my mouth which were quite deep are diminished.  Not to mention the “chicken skin” on my neck.




I have been wearing your face cream for over a year.  I know it works because I am almost 51 years old and most people I meet think I am in my early 30’s and when I tell them that my youngest is 27 and that I have four grand kids they are in awe.

Shelley M.

I wish you could see me.  I will be 50 years old next year and you would not believe what my face and neck look like.  At 60 I will probably look like I am in my 40’s.

Thanks eb5,

Vickie B.

Even my three daughters say I look younger than they do.  I am 53 and my daughters are 35, 33, and 32.  Everyone says I look 40.  I swear by eb5!!!  I cannot thank the person that came up with this cream enough.  God bless you!

Dixie C.

I have been using eb5 for 3 months.  I love it.  I had red, blotchy skin that seemed to be getting worse every day.  I had a dermatologist appointment scheduled in a couple of weeks.  I started using eb5 and one week later, I cancelled my appointment.  Now the redness is completely gone.  I have an even skin tone now, thanks to eb5.  I have tried every expensive brand of cream that I saw.  Nothing worked.  I have even noticed my wrinkles are less visible.  Thank you so much for making sucha great product available at a reasonable price.

Ida B.

My brother brought me your facial cream, toner, and eye gel, as I have very deep dark circles (hereditary), for my birthday.  It was an early gift, as I am 57 today.

I am sooooo amazed at the difference in my skin after only using it for 5 days.  I truly mean that…I can’t wait to see how I look after a few months.

Diane S.

I saw your product and purchased it (the eb5 facial cream).  I love it so much that I immediately went out and bought the toner, facial cleanser, and eye gel.  I have been using it for 4-weeks now, and will not go back to anything else.  I’ve used the expensive products and nothing works as amazingly as your product.  Please continue making this wonderful product, as I plan on using it forever!

Philene G.

This is the first letter I’ve ever written to a company, but I wanted to let you know how pleased and surprised I’ve been with your products.

I’ve been blessed with good skin and few lines, but as I got into my 40’s (I’m 46 now) my skin just looked kind of tired and dull and I started getting a few lines under my eyes and around my mouth.  I’ve spent a small fortune on other products promising to restore youthful looking skin and have been disappointed with every one of them.  In December I purchased the full line of your face products and pretty much expected to be taking advantage of your money back guarantee.  After about 10 or 11 days I was seeing noticeable improvement, but I wondered if I wasn’t just imagining it, since it had been such a short time.  Very soon after that my 18 year old daughter was talking to me and stopped in mid-sentence and said, “Mom, the lines under your eyes are gone!”  Right after that my best friend and my mother both asked if I was using a new make-up because my skin looked so nice!

I will not be wasting any more money on any other products for my face and am looking forward to more youthful looking years ahead.

Thank you!!

Jan H.

People are already asking what I have done to my face.  I even had one person ask me if I had gotten a face lift.  That really made my day.

Carole S. (age 50-ish)

I could not believe the difference in such a short time.  The feel of my skin is baby soft and the look is so much younger.

Melissa T.

Just a note to let you know how wonderful I think your cream is.  I have been using it for 20 years now, and I must say I look a lot younger than all the women I see that are my age, which is 58.  

I recommend it to all my friends.

Thank you for a product that really works.

Donna A.


Just wanted you to know that my daughter and I love eb5.  I bought eb5 for myself and I noticed my 16 year old daughter started using it.  She has had a problem with acne for many years.  I have spent a small fortune in products to try that clear up her face, even prescription medication, nothing helped.  Guess what?  In the short time she has used eb5 her face has already cleared up.  She has a clear complexion.  THANKS!!!!!!

Linda H.


A true and I think funny story.  An 83 year old friend invited me to lunch.  Her favorite place is Morrison’s Cafeteria.  For the sake of this story, I’ll say that I’m 64 years old.  My friend never had children.  Upon getting in line a waitress who knows my friend so well, because she goes there so often, said to her so excitingly, ‘is this your daughter?’ looking at me.  We both laughed and I said ‘hi mom’ and she giggled all the way to the table.  Well, when we sat down she said to me, ‘you know, you do look so good, I think it’s because you have such a nice complexion.  What do you do?’  At that, I remarked ‘it must be my eb5 face cream that I use.  I’ve used it for the past hmm, 30 years.’  Well at this point, the ladies at the next table asked, ‘what do you use?’  Then the waitress came forward and said ‘excuse me, what did you say you use?...Where can we buy it?...etc.’

For the next 10 minutes I felt like an advocate for eb5.  I told a ‘true’ story.  I told my husband and 2 sons that they NEVER have to guess what to get me for Christmas and my birthday (which is in June).  The reason being is that you need so little of the eb5 cream that it lasts me for the 6 months.  And, that I don’t care if they both give me the same thing as I hate to spend that kind of money on myself.  (I’d rather spend it on my family.)  So, I know that every June and every December I will get my eb5.  I also mentioned that I do use the toner also.  By now I had the attention of about 6 people.

I called her ‘mom’ and we laughed at our luncheon the rest of the afternoon.  When she got out of my car she made me write down eb5 Face Cream.  This scene actually happened 3 weeks ago, and as I told it to a couple of my friends they all thought that I should write to you.  I hesitated, but they all insisted, so here is my really heartfelt love for your product.  I actually panic as I start running low, and start reminding my husband and sons.  Lucky for me June is just around the corner.

Thank you for such a wonderful product that really does work.  I wouldn’t be without it.


Barbara S.

Dear eb5,

I am writing to let you know what a wonderful product I think your eb5 formula is.  I have been using it for over fifteen years and I am constantly getting complements on my skin.

I recently went into the hospital for surgery and all the nurses that were prepping me kept asking if I had made a mistake on my age on the forms.  When I told them I hadn’t made a mistake and that I was truly sixty-five, they even called in other nurses to try to guess my age.  No one believes I’m as old as I am and I owe part of it to your wonderful products.

They then asked what my secret is.  I told them I use your product every morning and night and they all copied down the name.  Of course I told them I eat well and try and exercise as much as possible along with taking vitamins.  It was so funny to hear all these much younger women asking for my beauty secrets.

Good genes do run in my family, but using your products (toner and eye cream too) certainly help me look younger than I am.  I just wanted to thank you for discovering such a wonderful products.

Sincerely yours,

Lorna M.

This is a wonderful product. You should see how young I look!  I have received comments recently including one from one of my sons who said I look better than I did ten years ago.  

Thank you,

Janet D.

Thank you so much for producing the most wonderful skin care on earth!  I am nearly 50 years old and have used your products for at least the last 7 years.  My skin feels and looks great and I know it has truly turned back the hands of time.  My friends are very happy I have shared the news of eb5 with them too.  THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


Debbie W.