Our Story


When Pharmacist Heldfond first formulated eb5’s flagship moisturizer, his goal was to provide a topical, medicinal treatment to burn victims. He quickly realized the healing powers of the product he crafted and through that discovery, began the journey of eb5.

For over six decades now, women and men around the world have embraced beautiful aging thanks to the natural yet effective eb5 products. The intense healing properties our founder initially discovered were used as the foundation for our original moisturizing formula boasting with nutrients from Vitamins E and B5.

Age with grace, ease, and eb5

Through the years, we have mastered botanical and essential vitamin blends across all of our products while adhering to our trusted anti-aging skincare roots. From hydrating moisturizers to plumping serums, toners, and more, we know our products help maintain youthful, glowing skin for all ages. Since the conception of our single moisturizer, we have been able to provide our loyal customers vitamin-rich skincare products with gentle, proven ingredients that target a variety of aging skin concerns.

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Our intentional creation of each eb5 skincare product aids age spots, blurs fine lines, smooths wrinkles, minimizes dark circles, eases the appearance of crow's feet, and leaves skin feeling fresh and flourishing! Our pharmaceutical ingredients work for all skin types, whether dry and flaky, overly oily, blemished, or balanced.

Today, we have moved our original headquarters from the west coast of Portland, Oregon to our new home in Charlotte, North Carolina. We carry on the legacy of simple, potent anti-aging skincare while embracing the growth and expansion of our well-loved eb5 products. Here at eb5, we welcome aging with grace knowing our nourishing skincare line provides the perfect combination to keep our skin plump, healthy, and youthful.