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Beauty simplified

From the company’s inception, eb5 has remained focused on your skin. Pharmacist Heldfond’s original anti-aging facial cream is now the 5-in-1 Facial Treatment. The heritage formula has been updated to now be paraben-free. It contains the same strong antioxidants, powerful retinyl palmitate and extraordinary ingredients to treat aging skin. Skin ages from the moment you’re born but it doesn’t have to look old.

For years, it has been our flagship product, the one that gave us our name.

  • E – for vitamin E, known as tocopherol, a powerful antioxidant
  • B – for vitamin B to nourish and B5, known as panthenol, to infuse moisture
  • 5 – for five key results: reduce lines and wrinkles; re-moisturize dry skin; rejuvenate and firm sagging skin; reduce inflammation; reveal softer, smoother, younger-looking and feeling skin

eb5 started with an Anti-Aging Facial Cream. It has grown to include a complete skin care regimen with a Cleanser and Toner, concentrated serum treatments (Collagen; Vitamin C), an Eye Treatment, an Age Spot cream, foot care, and a Men’s formula. The original 5-in-1 facial cream is now the flagship Anti-Aging Facial Treatment. All contain advanced ingredients, everything you’ve always loved for delivering smoother, less-lined skin, revealing your perfectly beautiful face. It’s beauty, simplified.

The value it brings to your wallet is only surpassed by the value it delivers to your skin, proof that eb5 just gets better with time.

Let eb5 bring collagen serum and anti aging skin care products to your skin care today.