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eb5's Ownership

eb5's Owner


Donna Ames-Heldfond

Ms. Ames-Heldfond has been involved with eb5 since 1984. An interior designer by trade, she built a successful company by concentrating on aesthetics and incorporating a sense of history, design, engineering, architectural elements and color into each project. Her philosophy has always focused on evolving, morphing and continually moving ahead. It is this same philosophy and clear vision, along with strong entrepreneurial skills, that she brings to eb5.

Since becoming sole owner, she has worked to steer the company toward a new aesthetic while continuing to embrace its rich history. Ames-Heldfond takes a hands-on approach that has her involved with every aspect of the company, from product formulation to packaging design to the advertising and marketing message. She has surrounded herself with a strong team that also believes in the vision established by Pharmacist Heldfond. eb5 is embracing its past while also looking to the future.

eb5 will continue to emphasize its pharmaceutical heritage. Its exceptional formulas will continue to use scientific advancements in beauty and skincare inside each eb5 cleanser, toner, serum, cream and treatment created.